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Costa Rica


March 15-19, 2024


Join us to co-create protopia; a positive and exciting prototype of a future worth working towards now. 



Complementary currencies and mutual credit

Improving the commons and public goods

Culture hacking and regenerative mindset

Alternative ownership structures, land trusts & fair governance models


Privacy and Surveillance

AI and existential risks

The access and sharing economy

Mark Kane, Speaker at Protopian convergence

Mark Kane is co-founder of Higher Status Global and Open World Alliance, an evolving ecosystem of individuals and organisations drawn together in aligned vision with a shared desire to accelerate systemic transformation for a regenerative future. After 14+ years’ professional trading, he’s working on a refi ecosystem dedicated to redistributing capital from existing financial markets into transformative social and environmental initiatives. Phoenix Fintech will be the first phase to launch (expected mid 2024) as part of a scalable and decentralised ecosystem to support a next-generation economy of abundance to empower regenerative innovation. A seasoned entrepreneur for over 25 years, he’s a whole system thinker and network weaver, with core skills in areas of business strategy, project management and solving complex logistics, based on a long-standing foundation of creativity and spiritual practice. 

Danibelle, speaker at Protopian convergence

An activist for ecological restoration, architect of place-based communities and alchemist of decentralized governance economies, Dani Bellavita bridges the virtual tech world with the natural living wild, making maps, matches, magic, and a bit of mischief. She is a village building matriarch and has been facilitating systems transformation for over 30 years. A corporate project manager until 2013, she has since co-founded and led many organizations including Our Sacred Acres, Bloom Network, Giveth DAO, Gaia Gives, and the Diamante Bridge Collective. She is a published author in Reinhabiting the Village, featured in the documentary Standing Rock: A Vision for our Future and international film More Than A Pipeline.

Ranulfo Paiva Barbosa, Speaker at Protopian convergence.jpg

Ranulfo has devoted his life efforts to develop initiatives aiming to solve socio-ecological issues since 1994. His multidisciplinary background (Bachelor of ecology, Master in civil engineering, and a Ph.D. in economics) allow him to co-create innovative solutions for those problems applying distributed ledger technology, environmental cryptoassets, applied decision analysis and system dynamics. His focus is now in developing collaborative businesses and the technology they need to flourish. He co-founded Cambiatus, CofiBlocks and Vagabonds Labs.

Karla Córdoba Brenes, Speaker at Protopian convergence

Passionate about impactful and open innovation, new types of money, exponential technologies and new organizational models, including Collaborative Business and Social Currencies on Blockchain ... and a firm believer in our collective ability to transform the world into a better place. Co-founder of Cambiatus, an open source platform that facilitates the creation of new Collaborative Businesses, developing tools for governance, decision-making and innovative economic incentives through Social Currencies on blockchain. Master in Community Development, communicator, facilitator and designer of collaborative businesses and dApps (distributed applications).


Gustavo Segovia, , speaker at Protopian convergence

A Regenerative Soul and Web3 activist & Social Dynamizer. After +8 years of corporate labour, Gustavo discovered Ethereum and started to educate and evangelize around the paradigm change that cames intrinsically with this technology. Started his regenerative journey in 2022 after a Web3 Real Value crisis when he went deep into a Regenerative with many IRL communities in Portugal, starting by the ReFi Village Traditional Dream Factory where he participated as a Tokenomics advisor and Land Stewards. Now he's going deep into human kind Regeneration looking to intertwine spirituality with decentralized governance and participation with Religio DAO, a web3 community seeking to build a collective narrative to promote the definition and connection with sacredness.

Charlotte fradet, speaker at Protopian convergence

Devoted to fostering an evolutionary coherent future, Charlotte has delved deep in the eco-village world for the past decade. In Costa Rica, she founded Unity, a conscious co-living in San Jose, while also catalyzing the development of a retreat center and community known as Protopia in Arenal. In Portugal, she's been actively collaborating on the establishment of a DAO-governed regenerative village known as the Traditional Dream Factory. Charlotte co-authored the book "How To Build A Regenerative Village," and she regularly explores topics related to the regenerative movement, cultural evolution, technology, and societal progress through her writing. Her latest venture, Protopian Convergence, produces impactful events aiming at building capacities for a thriving civilization.

Bradley Logan Chancellor Flow, , speaker at Protopian convergence

As a recovering licensed bar attorney, Chancellor Flow was a strategic deal maker, and business negotiator, with more than 25 years of legal, business, and commercial real estate experience. As a visionary team player with a unique ability to match resources to opportunity and create win-win solutions, Chancellor Flow began researching how to navigate in the "private" realm, outside of government regulation, licensing and costly bureaucratic red tape. Chancellor Flow now focuses his attention to offer Members of his Private Members Association (formerly operating as a law firm & consulting LLC) strategic advice on manifesting community services through the utilization of private agreements such as PMAs, private trust indentures and not for profit ministries / churches.

Yogi prateado

Exploring our interspecies being allows us to design social and material structures that best meet our evolutionary needs. Prosocial, naturepositive spaces bring out the wild creativity in us, dissolving seeming problems, and revealing priorities. As a long-time lover of ecovillages and professor of environmental philosophy, Yogi shares tools for tapping into our more-than-human nature to harmonize inside and out.

Mariano Yglesias

Born and raised in the suburbs of San José, Mariano is a passionate Permaculturist and entrepreneur, co-founder of Integral Roots SRL: a regenerative coop, dedicated to plant honest food for people and communities following permaculture principles for design and ethics, and providing natural building solutions for anyone who feels the call for it.
He majored in Medical Science in the UCR, before he decided that his mission was to bring complete, mineralized food back into people’s hands and with it, hope, power and heath.

Santiago Moringa

Deeply committed to nature, respecting all forms of life and collective regeneration, Santiago is convinced that we can create everything we believe in, that sustainability should be a state and not a privilege. That Permaculture is for everyone, regardless of physical, economic, geographical, gender or age possibilities. By caring for the earth, caring for people and designing abundance, we can all enjoy this beautiful planet.

Melanie Carlone, , speaker at Protopian convergence

Dr. Melanie Carlone, DPT, MPT, draws inspiration in co-founding ThePivot.Earth from living in and around earth based indigenous cultures in Africa and Asia for 11 years, her doctorate level training in rehabilitation medicine and emergent holistic systems thinking. Her non-traditional career as a healer and physical therapist, designing community health and wellbeing programs along the way has led to a natural progression of her work in the world. ThePivot’s individual and community soil-based, Nature-informed initiatives align with body, mind, and spirit integration into decision making and a profound respect for Natural Law. Guiding process through joy, reverence and authentic presence has been an ongoing learning journey for Melanie and honors practices that empower vibrant well-being and resilience in turbulent times.

Marianne Wyne, , speaker at Protopian convergence

Meet Marianne Wyne, co-founder of ThePivot.Earth. With over two decades in corporate transformation, she's embarked on a new journey inspired by Nature's wisdom. Marianne champions large-scale regenerative soil initiatives, driven by her belief in interconnectedness and the thriveability of all beings. Her vision extends to fostering prosperity through syntropic enterprises, weaving regeneration and holistic principles into every aspect of her work. She co-creates with ThePivot.Earth team and our vast networks to seamlessly weave together threads of regeneration, social cohesion, economic vitality, emotional resilience, mental fortitude, and spiritual elevation.


Hristiyan, founder of Artisanov Construction Inc. and an internationally recognized leadership coach, blends meditation, spirituality, and advanced facilitation techniques to foster self-empowerment. His passion for Web3 technologies, especially their application in real-world projects like regenerative agriculture, led to the creation of SoilDAO.


Milena is a passionate builder and active contributor in the web3 space. She studied computer science and since then she’s been excited about building solutions solving real-world issues. Milena cofounded Aut Labs in 2021, a company is focused on DAO tooling, such as role-based governance and onboarding. She delved into contributing in communities, focused on personal development, group dynamics, and holistic approaches to growth. Milena co-organized an event with Mycelium Hub and joined the core team shortly after. She joined SoilDAO in November 2023 as a contributor. She is also a part of the RnDAOs fellowship since January 2024, doing research on Compensation Models in early-stage teams. She is passionate about collaborative solutions, public goods, music and film.

Austin Hill Shaw - Headshot_edited.jpg

Austin Hill Shaw is the founder of 3 Lights Design, the author of The Shoreline of Wonder: On Being Creative, and the Lead Minister of the SoilDAO's Temple of Soil, a weekly church service that honors, celebrates, and deepens our connection with Gaia, the Living Earth, from whose bounty all life springs. His mission is to help reform “conventional” Western life as it is practiced today from a transactional, material-based, consumer pursuit to one that is transformative, to one that honors and celebrates the intelligence and generosity of the natural world, and to one that is deeply collaborative, co-creative and fulfilling for everyone involved.


Arturo is passionate about regeneration on macro and micro scales and making a positive impact on the planet. Regenerative Finance is therefore seen to support and incentivize intersectional regeneration, renewable energies, decentralization, scientific research, crypto adoption, good-quality natural digital assets and human spirit liberation. With a background in environmentalism, cultural studies, anthropology, and law. I bring a unique perspective to the table and am committed to finding innovative solutions that contribute to a more inclusive and thriving future.

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The venue

Protopia is an off-the grid activist intentional community located in the jungle of Costa Rica where community, activism, technology, and nature merge. It is intended to function as a hub to develop pro-equality, social and technological innovation through the exploration of topics such as alternative economics, participative governance, socially-oriented enterprises, and novel ways of thinking in general. As an integral community, it's also meant to be a place for trans-personal growth, where the self blends into the collective by experimenting different ways of living and collaborating together.

Via Driving

The community is located in La Cabanga. Follow these directions if you come by car.

Via Bus:

Take a bus to Ciudad Quesada, then from there another bus to Guatuso (San Rafael de Guatuso). From Guatuso, you can take a taxi to the farm.


First Tier

- Price start at 245$ for ticos and 299$ for foreigners and include 3 meals a day.

- 30% cheaper than our at-gate tickets.

- Available until Jan 15th 2024.

second tier

- From 280$ for ticos and 342$ for foreigners including 3 meals a day.

- 20% cheaper than our at-gate tickets

- Available until Feb 15th 2024

at gate

Bring your own tent: 427$ 

Dorm:  514$*

Private room double occupancy: 571$*

Private room single occupancy: 857$*

Private  cabina double occupancy: 686$*

Private cabina single occupancy: 1086$*

All prices include 3 meals a day. 


*subject to availability

*Group Discount starts from 5 participants

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