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Costa Rica


March 15-19, 2024


Join us to co-create protopia; a positive and exciting prototype of a future worth working towards now. 


This is a space for
open dialogue, learning and collaboration to envision a future where technology, nature, and the individual are all in a symbiotic balance

More info soon


Meanwhile have a look at the after movie of our last edition

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Protopia community


Protopia is an off-the grid activist intentional community located in the jungle of Costa Rica where community, activism, technology, and nature merge. It is intended to function as a hub to develop pro-equality, social and technological innovation through the exploration of topics such as alternative economics, participative governance, socially-oriented enterprises, and novel ways of thinking in general. As an integral community, it's also meant to be a place for trans-personal growth, where the self blends into the collective by experimenting different ways of living and collaborating together.

Via Driving

The community is located in La Cabanga. Follow these directions if you come by car.

Via Bus:

Take a bus to Ciudad Quesada, then from there another bus to Guatuso (San Rafael de Guatuso). From Guatuso, you can take a taxi to the farm.


First Tier

30% off

Before January 15th

Prices per person including 3 meals a day

  • Bring your own tent:

          - 245$ (ticos)

          - 299$ (foreigners)

  • Dorm: 360$

  • Private room (single occupancy): 600$

  • Private room (double occupancy): 400$

  • Private cabina (single occupancy): 760$

  • Private cabina (double occupancy): 480$

second tier

20% off

Jan 15th - Feb 15th

Prices per person including 3 meals a day

  • Bring your own tent:

          - 280$ (ticos)

          - 342$ (foreigners)

  • Dorm: 411$

  • Private room (single occupancy): 686$

  • Private room (double occupancy): 457$

  • Private cabina (single occupancy): 869$

  • Private cabina (double occupancy): 544$

Third tier

10% off

Feb 15th - March 13th

Prices per person including 3 meals a day

  • Bring your own tent:

          - 315$ (ticos)

          - 384$ (foreigners)

  • Dorm: 463$

  • Private room (single occupancy): 771$

  • Private room (double occupancy): 515$

  • Private cabina (single occupancy): 977$

  • Private cabina (double occupancy): 615$

at gate

Online sales stop 2 days before the beginning of the event

Prices per person including 3 meals a day

  • Bring your own tent:

          - 350$ (ticos)

          - 427$ (foreigners)

  • Dorm: 514$

  • Private room (single occupancy): 857$

  • Private room (double occupancy): 571$

  • Private cabina (single occupancy): 1086$

  • Private cabina (double occupancy): 685$

*Group Discount starts from 5 participants (ask us directly).

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