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Costa Rica


March 15-19, 2024


Join us to co-create protopia; a positive and exciting prototype of a future worth working towards now. 


Alnoor’s work focuses on the intersection of political organizing, systems thinking, structural change and narrative work. He was the co-founder and Executive Director of The Rules, a global network of activists, organizers, designers, coders, researchers, writers and others focused on changing the rules that create inequality, poverty and climate change. His work has been published in Al Jazeera, The Guardian, Truthout, Fast Company, Kosmos Journal, New Internationalist, and the Huffington Post among others. He is the Council Chair of Culture Hack Labs, a co-operatively run advisory for social movements and progressive organizations. He's the co-director of Transition Resource Circle and the co-author of Post Capitalist Philanthropy: The healing of wealth in the time of collapse. He's also the founder of Brave Earth, a community and a living laboratory for regeneration.


An activist for ecological restoration, architect of place-based communities and alchemist of decentralized governance economies, Dani Bellavita bridges the virtual tech world with the natural living wild, making maps, matches, magic, and a bit of mischief. She is a village building matriarch and has been facilitating systems transformation for over 30 years. A corporate project manager until 2013, she has since co-founded and led many organizations including Our Sacred Acres, Bloom Network, Giveth DAO, Gaia Gives, and the Diamante Bridge Collective. She is a published author in Reinhabiting the Village, featured in the documentary Standing Rock: A Vision for our Future and international film More Than A Pipeline.

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Jonathan has been building bridges between the business world and alternative ways of living all his professional life. He’s a workshop facilitator, community builder, leadership coach, entrepreneur and co-founder of several award winning companies and organizations. 

As Jonathan Seagull he uses the art of DJing to channel eclectic sound journeys that invite the audience into an emotional unfolding with particular attention to the dramaturgy of the composition and thereby inviting an individual expression of the experience through dance and movement.

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Marc Tobin is an educator, consultant for groups and communities, and community organizer in the fields of sustainability, regenerative culture, and urban planning. He has led experiential and outdoor-based educational experiences for over 20 years. He is a Co-Director of The City Repair Project in Portland, Oregon, that has been widely cited as a leader in urban permaculture and placemaking. Marc holds a Master of Community and Regional Planning from the University of Oregon and a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from Naropa University.

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Devoted to fostering an evolutionary coherent future, Charlotte has delved deep in the eco-village world for the past decade. Her journey led her to work for several organizations which are spearheading the regenerative movement such as and In 2016, she founded Unity, a conscious co-living space dedicated to personal development, cultural experimentation and the advancement of positive social imaginaries. She's also part of Traditional Dream Factory, a DAO-governed village aiming at regenerating land while experimenting with innovative horizontal governance models. She's a co-author of the book “How To Build A Regenerative Village" and generally loves to write about eco-villages and the evolution of culture, technology and society. Through creating impactful events aiming at building capacities for a thriving civilization, she taps on her broad-based global network to connect paradigm-shifting agents and bring synergistic collaborations to life.

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Born in Kosovo, Alban studied Political Science in the United States. For the past decade he has been researching and exploring different projects at the nexus of politics, economics, enterprise development, and technology. As a political activist, he contributes to (1) developing a theoretical framework for a democratic non-state public owned enterprise, and (2)  implementing such model in reality. Recently he has devoted his time to develop an alternative-novel network-enterprise (ANNE) model which is guided by the principles of network approach design, open-participation, multi-layered-glocal governance, not-for-profit business model, positive high-tech application, ethical functioning, and emergent adaptability.


Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in the nineties; and as part of the millennial generation, Diego has been living through troubling historical times. He's a social activist for equality and sustainability, with a background in political sciences, and with university studies in South America and Europe, focused on the topics of Theory of Change (ToC), social innovation, and future studies. His interest areas are new alternative governance and economic proposals, political strategies, development, and geopolitics.

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Dakotah Joseph Apostolou is a designer of buildings, networks, and businesses. As an instigator of community, his passion is applying design thinking to create regenerative systems for the physical environment as well as inspiring collaboration between people and businesses. The latest expression of this is through his work with Cohere, a global network of member-owned coliving communities that blur the lines between work, life and travel. Graduating top of his class at Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, Dakotah embodies the ethos of Wright by virtue of his commitment to developing financially accessible human settlements that connect people to the natural world while restoring the health of the local ecosystem and communities.


This is a space for
open dialogue, learning and collaboration to envision a future where technology, nature, and the individual are all in a symbiotic balance


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As a recovering licensed bar attorney, Chancellor Flow was a strategic deal maker, and business negotiator, with more than 25 years of legal, business, and commercial real estate experience. As a visionary team player with a unique ability to match resources to opportunity and create win-win solutions, Chancellor Flow began researching how to navigate in the "private" realm, outside of government regulation, licensing and costly bureaucratic red tape. Chancellor Flow now focuses his attention to offer Members of his Private Members Association (formerly operating as a law firm & consulting LLC) strategic advice on manifesting community services through the utilization of private agreements such as PMAs, private trust indentures and not for profit ministries / churches.

Elliott Bayev Headshot.jpeg

Elliott is a co-founder of Global Unity, a global peace movement focused on uniting humanity by combining modern web3 technology with ancient wisdom. He is also the founder of Transformative Impact Summit which brings together change-makers from across the world to highlight their work, connect them with funders, and weave stronger webs between them.

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Born and raised in the suburbs of San José, Mariano is a passionate Permaculturist and entrepreneur, co-founder of Integral Roots SRL: a regenerative coop, dedicated to plant honest food for people and communities following permaculture principles for design and ethics, and providing natural building solutions for anyone who feels the call for it.
He majored in Medical Science in the UCR, before he decided that his mission was to bring complete, mineralized food back into people’s hands and with it, hope, power and heath.

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Eli learned how to DJ on vinyl first from the infamous DJ, Rob Swift, in NYC. Having learned the art of DJing from one of the world's best, Eli now takes those lessons and combines them with his love of remixing, samples and storytelling. This results in a sonically diverse and unique set every time he plays.  As a DJ alone, Eli has many personas; from his Mad Hatter-esque disco bingo parties, to his aptly onomatopoeic bass music frog alias, Frubbles, to traveling the United States as a resident DJ for Burwood Media. He is making waves in the West Coast DJ scene; playing venues such as Kremwerk, The Crocodile,The Wild Buffalo and festivals such as Sh’bang!, Ouzel, and BAMF!
In addition to his career as a DJ, Eli is a songwriter, producing lush electro-acoustic soundscapes to accompany his compositions and works as a sound engineer and event producer around Seattle.

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RatPark is an off-the grid activist intentional community located in the jungle of Costa Rica where community, activism, technology, and nature merge. It is intended to function as a hub to develop pro-equality, social and technological innovation through the exploration of topics such as alternative economics, participative governance, socially-oriented enterprises, and novel ways of thinking in general. As an integral community, it's also meant to be a place for trans-personal growth, where the self blends into the collective by experimenting different ways of living and collaborating together.

Via Driving

The community is located in La Cabanga. Follow these directions if you come by car.

Via Bus:

Take a bus to Ciudad Quesada, then from there another bus to Guatuso (San Rafael de Guatuso). From Guatuso, you can take a taxi to the farm.


First Tier

- Price start at 245$ for ticos and 299$ for foreigners and include 3 meals a day.

- 30% cheaper than our at-gate tickets.

- Available until Feb 26th 2023.

second tier

- From 342$ including 3 meals a day.

- 20% cheaper than our at-gate tickets

- Available until March 23th 2023

at gate

Bring your own tent: 427$ 

Dorm:  514$*

Private room double occupancy: 571$*

Private room single occupancy: 857$*

Private  cabina double occupancy: 686$*

Private cabina single occupancy: 1086$*

All prices include 3 meals a day. 


*subject to availability

*Group Discount starts from 5 participants

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